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A (simple) Yule Candle Manifestation

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors! Simply looking at and engaging in red colored things can boost feelings of not only love and joy, but anger and hate. The duality of the color red reminds us that where there is light, there is also an equal darkness!

The symbolic nature of red has gone hand in hand with Yule for centuries. A Festival of Lights, Life, and Death – Yule is a time where we can pair the life giving colors of red with the passions of fire to welcome warmth and new beginnings into our lives during an otherwise cold and dark season. The image of blood on fresh snow invokes life through the small death of winter in ways that are hard to put into words; Red life through the bleak whiteness of winter rejuvenates the stagnation in a witches magick!

During the winter months I find that spiritually, I drag. I I am overwhelemed by the events of the summer and fall; I am scared for the spring and overwhelmed by thinking of the summer after the spring. Point in, realistically I struggle with living in the moment which means that my everyday magic gets a little strangled. This simple ritual to flow new life into my manifestations, magic, and daily life!

The Ritual

You will need:

  • Red Candles
  • Windowsill
  • Any offerings appropriate for your tradition

To invoke new life during the cold dark sleep of winter (new love, more money, friendships, self love, fresh starts, jobs, etc), grab as many red candles as possible. On a windowsill facing the west, arrange them as you’d like but make sure there is a small space in the center. We are burning these on the west to chase the sun and allow light through the darkness of night.

As the sun begins to set, light each candle counterclockwise repeating “remove the night, bring in the light” as you focus on what you are trying to bring into being. Be very specific in your mind about what you want and how you want it. If you would like to invoke a god or pay respects to ancestors/gods/spirits go ahead and leave an offering in the center of the candles and let them burn down completely. When the wax is done, dispose of it to the East of where it was burned in the West.

Temperance Alden is an Occultist, Folk Witch, and Author of Year of the Witch (2020). She is based out of South Florida.

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