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Moon Water for Money Manifestation

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Years ago you could have told me that I would use moon water in parts of my practice and I would have scoffed at you. Ask me today and the addition of specific types of moon water is not only a welcome but a necessary part of some of my rituals. What is moon water? Well, it’s water that has been left out under the moon. That’s it.

Similar to any type of holy or blessed water, this is literally just water blessed by the moon. Moon water can be made under and phase of the moon and for any purpose. You can drink it, bathe in it, use it in rituals. Pretty much anything you can think of you can do with it.

Money & Moon Water

This specific moon water is designed to be used in money manifestation. I have been working with this specific setup for about a year now and I’ve found it very easy to do and useful. Since tonight is a super full moon, I figured what better time than to give everyone the opportunity to make it as well!


  • LARGE glass jar/bowl
  • Spring Water
  • Crystal that relates to money/finance/manifestation (I use Tiger’s Eye)
  • Any denomination dollar bill


You could make this as complicated or as simple as you want. I go for simplicity. As the sun sets, fill up your GLASS container with spring water. I find that using spring water is better for me personally, because I live in an urban area and my tap is full of chemicals. Once the container is full, add your crystals to the water and put the lid on.

Find a nice window or area that will receive moonlight on the SE corner of your home. Place the dollar bill on the windowsill, place the crystal water on top, and walk away. Sometimes I light a candle, sometimes I don’t. This is really a use your intuition type of thing.

Before the sun rises in the morning, take the crystal moon water and place it somewhere for safe keeping. Some people leave the water until they wake up, I remove it before the sun rises. It’s personal preference. The most important thing here is to KEEP THE CRYSTAL IN THE WATER! 

And there you have it! Money Manifestation Moon Water! If you decide to use this basic ritual tonight to make moon water, I’d love to see it! Tag me on instagram @wildwoman_witchraft 🙂

Have a blessed full moon y’all!

Temperance Alden is an Occultist, Folk Witch, and Author of Year of the Witch (2020). She is based out of South Florida.


    • Temperance Alden

      You can keep the water for as long as you’d like. Disposal isnt necessary, whatever you don’t use you can use to water plants, cook with, drink, add to a bath, etc!

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