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Morning Grounding Ritual

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Having trouble raising or maintaining your energy? Try this little morning ritual to boost your energy and intentions! I highly recommend doing Morning energy work because as we are waking our bodies up, our conscious and subconscious are still merged and it is the perfect time to reaffirm and set manifestation!

*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*

Before you go to bed, pick out your favorite crystal and place it under your pillow. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, only that you’re personally connected to it. Next, set your alarm clock for 2 minutes earlier than normal, these 2 minutes will allow you the time to complete the morning ritual.

In the morning when your alarm goes off, keep your eyes closed and grab your crystal with both hands. Lay flat on your back and raise the crystal to the center of your forehead, keeping it in your hands. Visualize a bright light radiating from your hands from the crystal encompassing your whole body from the head down, like the sun rising over the horizon.

user uploaded image

when your whole body is encompassed you can say and devotion or set any manifestation intention you want. When you are ready to start your day, open your eyes and get up! I’ve personally been using this energy gather technique for the past few weeks and have noticed such a difference in my day to day energy and all it takes is setting my alarm just a few minutes early. Have a great day y’all 

*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*

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What does it mean when my spell candle breaks?

Spells & Rituals Thoughts and Opinions

A broken candle is something that many witches encounter but for some reason isn’t talked about a super amount on the internet. I get questions almost weekly that read something along the lines of:

“I was doing a spell and the jar candle broke. Did I do something wrong?”

While there is no easy way to answer or address this, I’m here and I’m alive and I’m going to take a shot at it!


These altar candles are in glass jars which make them a super easy choice for the modern witch on the go. They’re sturdy, last for days, have an ok smell, cheap, and most of all effective. The thing is, they can’t really withstand extreme temperature fluctuations that well. A lot of broken jar candles comes down to the flame getting out of control for too long. The glass wasn’t meant to withstand all of the aftermarket upgrades that witches put it through, and sometimes it just comes down to user error

But what if…?

But what if it’s not user error? What if you’re reading this and you’re like no, my flame didn’t look like that and it still broke. What then? Honestly it could be a few things such as bad manufacturing, the crack was already there but you didn’t notice it until the wax and flame got to that section, or YES – it could be a spiritual sign


I’ve always been in the camp of a broken candle isn’t really the end of the world. If I know the candle was ok and my Spell was ok and the candle breaks I often take it to mean one of two things:

1) a positive affirmation/release of emotion, energy, or spirit OR

2) a sign from my ancestors to re-evaluate my intentions


It’s an honest truth but you’re not meant to succeed at every Spell you attempt. Sometimes your intentions are wrong, the time is wrong, the place is wrong. Sometimes you’re trying to run before you’ve even learned to walk or you are working against yourself. Your guides and ancestors are here to support you and by them intervening it’s a HUGE sign to step back and take a look at what’s going on from a more open perspective

In some traditions, a broken candle especially in protection, banishing, and hexing means that the spell work was successful. In some traditions a broken candle is akin to a broken mirror. Each practice and path is as individual as the person practicing it. If you have a candle that is broken but in your gut you KNOW that means it’s working, you do you!

Your path, Your Way!

You’re not wrong if you believe something different than me, and I strongly encourage you to keep practicing and exploring and coming to your own conclusions! Everyone has a different perspective from where they are, communicating and growing with each other is one of the biggest blessings of this lifetime (especially with the internet)



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35mm Film Magick


Film is *magick* – let me explain.

I LOVE photography. Recently, I purchased a film camera from Lomography and decided to shoot a test roll. It’s been easily 20 years since I’ve shot on a film camera that wasn’t disposable, and I was slightly intimidated. But again, film is pure magic and stretching beyond our comfort is a sign of growth.

Film as Intentional Medium

The beauty of film is that it is completely intentional. You can’t take a million photos of the same thing and hunt for the best one to post to social media for instant gratification. Every photo you take becomes precious, an intentional capture of time and energy surrounding you in that moment.

This intentional act of photography becomes grounding and meditative in its own rite. Literally, connecting our bodies to not only our surroundings but the earth and film itself.

35mm Rites of Passage

There’s a sort of ritual aspect to shooting on film because you have to be completely in the moment, aware of your space and surroundings. You set up, check the camera, check your space, decide if this is what you truly want to use a frame capturing. Deciding if the moment you are in is worthy of being remembered in such a way. When you know there is a finite number of shots per roll, each photo becomes precious.

The thing about working in film, is that while you are choosing to capture a moment, the universe might have other plans. You don’t *know* if the photo you took will come out, if it’s over/under exposed or blurry. You have to live as equally in the moment to remember what is happening.

Not to put down digital photography because I certainly love it too, it’s convenient (we can just pull out our phones) it can block our brains from literally living in the moment and creating a full long term memory. With film we are forced to live in the moment because we cannot see what we are shooting. It is the universes checks and balance of photography. The best of both worlds if you will

Once the photos are shot, you practice patience. In this day and age it can be a little daunting to find anyplace that even processes the film anymore. Since i have a specialty camera I used the lomolab. I waited while I shipped my film, they received it, then processed and scanned it back to me. This took about two weeks. And then, the moment of truth via an unobtrusive email: “your scans are ready to view”

The art of film is completely intentional and allows you to live more fully in the moment while still taking memory photos. Film is a sort of devotion, if you will. If anything I hope to see more people turning back time and picking up an old fashioned camera again🤗

All photos taken by me

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Backwoods Witchcraft ; A Review

Book Reviews Reviews

📚Book Review: Backwoods Witchcraft by @jake_richards13 📚

I’ve read this book no less than three times in the span of the two weeks I’ve had it and I’ve honestly wondered how I’m going to review it. Let me start by saying this: this book is not for everyone but it SURE AS HELL was for me. Why? I’m a folk witch, I live in the south, and this book felt like coming home.

That said, this book is not for everyone -It’s not fluffy or “white” and it’s extremely Appalachian folk flavored. Folk witchcraft is a unique branch of witchcraft that changes not only from person to person but also changes from family to family and geographic and cultural backgrounds as well. Folk witchcraft could seem “eclectic” to the outside viewer but it’s much older and deeper than that. It’s steeped in family tradition and superstition and reaches soul deep and this book managed to capture just that.

Backwoods Witchcraft has very Christian overtones that are actually pretty common in folk magick – hence why this wouldn’t be everyone’s flavor. But to me, it just made everything flow. It makes sense in the context of the book and I commend the author for being so authentic to their personal practice.

My favorite part of this book was actually written about our blood, ancestry, and ancestor magick. Peppered throughout the whole book are little bits and pieces about redeeming, connecting to, and healing our ancestral baggage. If anything it’s really gotten me thinking lately and working on that myself. I use and connect with my ancestors pretty heavily but being an O’Carroll leaves some REALLY heavy baggage and this book has opened my views enough to start working on areas I’d rather avoid.

Overall Backwoods Witchcraft is one of the most impactful books I’ve read this year and I can’t thank @jake_richards13 and @weiserbooks enough for putting this out into the world and into my hands. Want to check it out? Head here to check it out!

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Witchcraft Book Review Roundup – January 2019

Book Reviews Features Reviews


One of my absolute favorite past times is reading books. Old fashioned, printed, usually dusty books. The beauty of a good book is that you get transported into the world of it. A good author can make you feel and see and hear things that you would never have in your daily life.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I do book and deck reviews about twice a month. What isn’t pictured on my instagram is ALL the books I read, and what I think about them. I read a TON of books, mostly on witchcraft and history and I’m usually pretty good on a recommendation. I’ve even started a witchcraft book club on instagram as well if you want to follow along with what I’m reading!

I am totally a budget witch, and most of the books I buy I get through thriftbooks or amazon. I LOVE amazon as a resource for witchcraft related books because usually they run sales on them. For my closet witches I cannot stress this enough – digital books are your best friend!

Keep in mind that I may receive a small commission when you click our links and make purchases. This commission is used to keep wild woman witchcraft free of ads and to allow me to continue to run this site and blog about witchcraft free of charge. This small commission does not impact my reviews. I only review the things I want to- when I want to. I do not take solicited sponsored ads.

The Books

Inner Witch by Gabriela Herstik

  • Book Level: Beginner Witch
  • Type: General Guide / Glamour Witchcraft
  • Inner Witch is a great millennial style guide to modern witchcraft. I didn’t feel as though it was overly biased but did have themes of wiccan ideology. Overall, Inner Witch is a great beginners book to any millennial who is interested or just starting out in their craft.

Light Magic for Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile

  • Book Level: Any Witch
  • Type: Self Care / Spell Book
  • Light Magic for Dark Times is the book we all want but didn’t deserve on self-care and witchcraft. The themes of light and dark/ self growth and empowerment come through strong and bold. The writing beautifully compliments the aesthetic of this book and is a real treat to hold in your hands and curl up with. Buyer Beware: Amazon has a long wait to receive this book and it is well worth the wait!

The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman by Danielle Dulsky

  • Book Level: Intermediate Witch / Feminist Witch
  • Type: Femme Empowerment and Spiritual Reclaiming
  • The Holy Wild is a reclaiming of spirituality for the wild woman. If strong femme figures is your thing in witchcraft, this book is right up your alley! A little wordy at times, this book as wonderfully reflective writing and beautiful prose. The beginner witch may not enjoy this book as much as a seasoned witch but I would absolutely recommend it for any witchling who has a good foundation.

Italian Folk Magic by Mary-Grace Fahrun

  • Book Level: Beginner Witch / Folk Witch
  • Type: Italian Folk Witchcraft / Hearth Witchcraft
  • Italian Folk Magic is a TREASURE. This book has a strong influence of catholic ideology mixed with traditional folk practices and italian culture. Hearth witches take note: this book is for you! From superstitions, to spells, holidays, recipes and more this book has something for everyone and anyone who wants to tap into their strega roots.

Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic by Amy Blackthorn

  • Book Level: Intermediate Witch / Green Witch
  • Type: Green Witch / Herbalist
  • Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic is a wonderful book that covers much more than the basics of green witchcraft. Written in an easy to read, friend format, the author speaks to you like a close friend which makes the information much easier to digest. This book goes to places where other more wiccan-based green witch books don’t. Overall, great for the witch who wants the herbalisms without wiccan influence.
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Imbolc Ice Candle – Welcoming Spring in the Heart of Winter


If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I personally do not celebrate or acknowledge the wheel of the year very much. There are many reasons for this and I plan to divulge on it at a later date, but for now that is how my life is set up and it is how I prefer to be. I live in South Florida; winter/harvests look much different for me down here than they do where the holidays on this mod-podge wheel are. Simply put, spring is here because summer never left. Winter doesn’t exist, and Fall is a latte.

Historical Notes on Imbolc/Imbolg

Imbolc, typically celebrated Feb 1/2, is an Irish/Celtic holiday marking the beginning of springs return. It also falls on a “cross-quarter day” which is the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Additionally, around this time there is also the Christian Candlemas, Penn-Dutch Entschtanning, Japanese Setsubun, and for Americans – Groundhog’s day. Hopefully Phil sees his shadow this year, because I cannot deal with Summer coming any earlier.

To clear up some confusion with Imbolc and Candlemas that gets spread like wildfire in the Pagan IG community but is painfully false – Candlemas is NOT the christian takeover of Imbolc. Candlemas originated in Rome before they were even aware the Irish/Celtic celebrated this cross-quarter day. Anytime you have a significant day in seasons or astronomy, chances are someone else has a tradition with it too, this time it was the Romans. Candlemas is most likely derived from a Roman-Pagan origin, but that is to be explored at a different time.

The Craft – The Re-kindling of Brigid’s Fire

Why a candle? Why not a standard reed cross? Similar to Vesta, Brigid had a perpetual flame that was tended to in Co. Kildare, Ireland. Legend has it, this flame was tended to by followers of the Goddess Brigid until the catholic Conversion of Ireland where it was then tended to by the followers of “St. Brigid”. This flame stayed lit until possibly the 16th century. It was not relit again until 1993 in the Market Square by Mary Teresa Cullen, the then leader of the Brigidine Sisters.

I felt as though it would be awesome to bring a little bit of this flavor of a perpetual flame into my own home. The idea being, ice and fire – Where there was once ice there is now warmth and everything the melting of the ice brings (fertility). The burning of this candle is meant to welcome the return of the warm months and spring into our hearts and homes.


Supplies from Top to Bottom – Wax Carton, 1 Taper Candle, Wax, Ice
  • Wax Carton (or Mold if you have one)
  • Taper Candle
  • Wax
  • Ice

I Purposefully chose to use recycled wax in this project for two reasons: 1. I love these candles but their wicks suck. 2. I found it symbolic to literally warm the incoming season with candles I’ve burned all winter. Since these candles weren’t used in any rituals or spellwork, I felt they were fine to use in this project. If you want to use virgin wax, that’s a personal call.

You’ll also need a taper candle of semi-matching color to your wax, ice, and a mold. I also recycled this wax carton from my recycle bins. Please learn from my mistake: USE WHOLE ICE CUBES. DO NOT CRUSH THE ICE. Crushed ice will guarantee that this project fails.

Step One: Melting of the Wax

The first step is to melt the wax. This is where you can get as creative or basic as you want. How do you want your candle to look? You could add color, glitter, anything really. I personally made my candle red, with a white top. The white top on mine was to symbolize snow. Since I haven’t seen snow in like 5 years or something, this will have to do. Please feel free to make yours look LITERALLY however you want.

To melt the wax, place the wax in a glass container in a pot on the stove in some water. Set it on high and forget about it for approx 15 mintues. After about 15 minutes come check on how it is doing. If you have to use more than one candle, or you are using a recycled candle, continue on reading. If you are using a real virgin wax block (you’re rich, huh?), skip on down to “pouring” instructions.

Once the wax has melted, you will need to pour it into a second container so that you can melt the next candle and also filter out any of the gross wick sediment and whatever else is floating in the used candle wax. Put a paper towel or cheese cloth over your bowl, and pour the wax on top. The wax will filter through the cloth while leaving the gross stuff behind.

Continue this step as many times as you need in order to have enough wax for the project. When you have all the wax you need, just stick this container in the stove pot again to make sure the wax is melted and mixed properly. This would be the time to add anything (glitter) if you’re going to be adding it.

Step Two: Pouring

Before we can actually pour, you will need to set up the carton. Cut the top of the carton off, and wash/dry the inside. You don’t want any residue on your candle. Cut the top off, and place the taper inside. Make sure to measure where you want the top of the taper to be vs. how much wax you’ll approx. need. I discovered I needed about 2 cups of melted wax for this project, but based on the size and shape of yours it may be different.

Next, fill the container with ice. WHOLE ICE CUBES. DO NOT CRUSH THEM. Literally, I fucked my first candle up so bad lol. Once the taper and ice are in, you’re ready to pour.

Pour quickly, but evenly. Where you stop is personal preference, I stopped where the taper stopped. I didn’t want to see any ridge there before I lit the candle but if you don’t care, it’s personal preference. Once the wax is poured, set it on the counter and forget about it, literally. Leave it out for the day, let it sit overnight. Personally I set it out in the 80 degree weather we had here today in Late January. The point of letting it sit is that you need all that ice to melt.

Step Three: Draining

Once the ice is fully melted, peel off the carton over the sink. Allow the candle to drain. Once it is fully drained and dry, its ready to go! At this point, you can carve sigils into the wax, decorate or paint it, remelt it if you hate it. The candle is your oyster!

Yes, it looks like Swiss cheese because of the ice. That’s totally cool though, because once its lit and burning down, you can see the flame from in-between the holes and it has this awesome between worlds feel to it. Also, as a side note, the wax from this will escape through holes of various places. Burn it on top of something that you can easily remove the wax from.

If you try this craft I’d literally love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @wildwoman_witchcraft to be featured in my story! Good luck y’all!


Y’all ever read a pagan writer and be like, where the fuck are they getting their information from? Here’s a short list (but not full list) of further reading:





Campanelli, Pauline, and Dan Campanelli. Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life. Llewellyn Publications, 2003.

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Manifesting Abundance

Rituals Spells & Rituals
Photo by Temperance Alden

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I get the Goddess Provisions box every month. This past months theme was “Abundance”, and it included this cute tin candle made by Cottage Wicks. If you haven’t heard of goddess provisions before, it is a monthly subscription box that focuses on self care and spirituality. I genuinely love the products in it, and they’re all full size! I’d highly recommend checking it out if you have the chance.

via @wildwoman_witchcraft

Anyhow, this month’s box was “Abundance” themed and included this wonderful candle made by Cottage Wick. Per their website, this candle has “A delicious blend of orange and ginger essential oil and topped with goldenrod, calendula, pyrite chips and citrine crystal.” This candle smells like the first spray of orange that hits your nose when you start to peel its skin. It is beautiful, yet functional. The only thing it didn’t come with, is a ritual. So, as polled in my insta story, here we are!

Recognizing Abundance

Before we get into the full ritual, I want to talk about abundance for a brief moment. When we manifest anything, it is because we are looking to gain or change something. Abundance is no different except that it REQUIRES us to look at what we already have been blessed with before we will be given more. If you come from a place of me, me, me your abundance rituals will always fail. Abundance requires us to see, appreciate, and be grateful for the things we are blessed to have before we will be given more.

Think about it this way; let’s say you have a small child. If you give a child a toy, they will play with it until they are bored. They may leave it around or otherwise forget about it if something new and shiny comes around. Over time, this behavior will cause clutter and chaos. You may find yourself saying, “I won’t buy you anything else until you learn to take care of the toys you already have.” The universe works this way too. Even in wealth and abundance rituals, we MUST do the hard work and figuratively appreciate what we have before we will be given more to take care of.

The Ritual

When I sat down to write this I decided I would actually make two forms, one short form that will only require a candle, paper, pen, and lighter; and then a slightly longer full bodied ritual that will transcend basic abundance. Lets get into it!

Simple Abundance Ritual

I am all about my simplified rituals. Sometimes we just don’t have the time, don’t have the ability, don’t have the means. Whatever the reason is that you want a simplified, bare bones ritual – look no further. For this ritual you will need:

  • Abundance Ritual Candle (or Green candle)
  • Paper
  • Pen

Setting the Intention

Before any ritual, I like to meditate. So I highly recommend sitting and meditating for approx. 10 minutes before starting this (or any ritual). This 10 minuets alone will allow your mind and spirit to reset from being digitally and physically connected to anything other than the intentions we are about to set.

Once you have meditated and reset your energy, light the candle. If you want to say a mantra as you light the candle, feel free. I personally don’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Thanksgiving for Abundance

Under the light of the candle, with a reset and focused energy, begin to visualize all of the abundance currently in your life. Abundance can look like a full pantry, a couch full of friends and family, completing a college degree, a library full of resources, etc. Write down each of your abundances individually on a small piece of paper. Once each abundance has been written, pick them up one at a time, read them out loud, thank the universe for the blessings in your life, and burn them in the candle. Do this until you have thanked each of your blessings.

Manifesting Future Abundance

Next, we will work on manifesting future abundance. Close your eyes and visualize what abundance will look like in your life. Wealth? Health? Family? Career? Whatever it is, visualize yourself in it. What are you doing? How do you feel? How did you get here? Focus on this part, the more vivid you make your manifestation, the more powerful it will be.

Once you are done visualizing this abundance, write it on the piece of paper beginning with “I am”. It could sound like “I am abundantly surrounded by friends who support me” or “I am financially self-sufficient and comfortable in my lifestyle”. However you want to word it is fine. As you are writing it, visualize your manifestation again as vividly as if you were already living it. Once you get it written, fold the paper three times and set it in the flames. As it burns, close your eyes and continue to visualize your manifestation. Once this has burned, thank your ancestors and guides for listening and allow the candle to continue to burn.


What I love about this Cottage Wicks “Abundance” candle is that it has a citrine tumbled stone embedded in it. Once this abundance ritual is complete and the candle has burned down, remove and clean the crystal. Carry this crystal with you everyday for 12 days. In numerology, 12 related to abundance. Whenever you touch, see, think about the crystal go back to your vision of abundance briefly.

As originally stated, I did actually write a long form of this ritual, however I have decided not to include it in my blog. I hope that this short form basic ritual helps you! If you decide to use it, let me know! I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

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New Years Manifestation Ritual Guide in 4 Easy Steps

Spells & Rituals
Photo by Temperance Alden

First, can I just start with how excited I am to finally have my own website! I have been building this all week and while it isn’t completely finished, I think it’s good enough to go live for now while I finish building some of the smaller components.

            I decided to build a whole blog/website because I get asked a log of questions and I don’t feel like I can ever cover enough ground via Instagram. The platform has been great for sharing my photos but not really for sharing information. I hope that this avenue will allow more information to find more people.

The Ritual

            Every year, I have an end of the year/beginning the new year ritual. They vary slightly but key components stay the same. I always have 15 candles, flowers, tarot cards, and a paper to write down to goals/what I want to manifest in the new year. Please note, this is a manifestation ritual and not a spell.

The 15 Pillars of Candle Manifestation

Why 15 candles? Its oddly specific, but its for a reason: 12 candles for each month of the new year + 2 taper candles (one to symbolize the year you are in and one to symbolize the year you are moving into or just came out of) + 1 white candle to release any baggage hanging on from the old year = 15 candles. The colors are not important except for the white candle to symbolize purification from past energy and clarity coming into the new year.

Flower Magick

As for flowers, I always have 24 roses on my New Years altar. One for each month of the year we move out of and one for each month of the year ahead. I personally use roses because they are easy for me to come by, but it really doesn’t matter what type of flower you use. What will matter though, is keeping these flowers. After my new years ritual I keep the flowers on my altar for a few days and then hang them up to dry. I use these flowers in every spell and ritual I do throughout the year to add my original manifestations to whatever I am building on top of them.

How to Manifest your New YOU for the New Year

You should have 12 papers, one for each month. As a side note, you should also have something to write on these with. This is a key part of the ritual so it is very important to take your time on this. This is not a petition to a god or a prayer for them to do something for you. This manifestation is about doing these things for yourself. On each of the papers, write down one word, phrase, sentence, or sigil that represents the specific thing you want to manifest. Visualize yourself living and receiving what you are asking for. This is KEY. You MUST believe these things can be yours.

For example, if you wanted to manifest love, you may see yourself on a date. You may also see yourself falling back in love with your partner, or even see YOU choosing to put your well-being above self harm. Visualize yourself in this new space. How does it feel? What are you doing and how can you keep it? This is the biggest and most important part of this ritual so take your time and don’t feel rushed.

When the time comes and you have written and visualized your new life, burn the paper. As it burns, visualize letting go of the past ways and welcoming the new ones into your life. You need to believe these things will be yours for this to work. Any doubt and you will sabotage yourself from manifesting these thigns.

A Year Ahead in Tarot

The very last thing you will do in this ritual will be the year ahead reading. Tarot cards will be used to do a year ahead spread. This MUST come after your manifestation ritual because it will be used to guide you through them. For each month draw a card. These cards dont predict what WILL happen, they are a guide to help you avoid things or go with them to stay on the path to fulfilling your desires.

Ready to see how its done?

New Years Ritual
Song: Clair de Lune by Ronan O’Hora

This year I used all red candles, but again do what you are called to do. You could use birthday candles or taper candles, it really doesn’t matter as long as your intention is there. This year I did set a salt/alcohol fire in my cauldron that was used to burn the bay leaves. I used bay leaves for my manifestations instead of paper to give it a little extra boost.

For those of you wondering, I do not cast circles or anything like that. It gets in the way of what I do and I also genuinely feel fake when I try to do them. I work in front of me, in front of a window and call upon my ancestors to help guide me through the new year.

At the end of the day, this is how *I* preform this manifestation ritual. Yours could look so different and that’s ok. This is just a template for you to see that witchcraft is all different and it really does embody the person preforming it. Don’t try and copy everyone else, forge your own path. Have a great new year y’all!


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