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    $25 or LESS (last minute) Yule Gift Guide

    The gift giving season is upon us! Over recent weeks, I’ve posted quite a log about how I am disengaging with traditional gift giving and instead moving to handmade or small business oriented. In general, it’s seemed more and more each year that the focus on material things has made the focus on connection and celebration take the backseat during the christmas/yule season. That’s how this gift guide came to be! Celebrating the holidays shouldn’t mean going broke to afford gifts we can’t actually afford, nor should it mean continuing to give our money to large companies who are working their employees to the bone during this season just to…

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    A (simple) Yule Candle Manifestation

    Red is one of my absolute favorite colors! Simply looking at and engaging in red colored things can boost feelings of not only love and joy, but anger and hate. The duality of the color red reminds us that where there is light, there is also an equal darkness! The symbolic nature of red has gone hand in hand with Yule for centuries. A Festival of Lights, Life, and Death – Yule is a time where we can pair the life giving colors of red with the passions of fire to welcome warmth and new beginnings into our lives during an otherwise cold and dark season. The image of blood…